What if you changed your mind? About life? About love? About the man you left behind? 

After an unfortunate incident, Arizona finds herself in a world of unanswered questions, and pain. She wakes up one day to learn that the life that she once knew, was over. And for her, things would never be the same.

Until she saw him. 

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Customer Testimonials

Lashayla Simpson

So y'all, may i just say that i purchased BM Hardin's "title me" service late last night (between 11 pm and midnight), and by 9:30 this morning, i had 5 title + subtitle options for the e-book i'll be releasing around christmas day. she actually had two options for me last night as we were chatting through DMs. i gave her the concept behind what i was writing and she listened to exactly what i said. she is bomb, super easy to work with, and these titles are fire! it's gonna be hard for me to choose one, but when i do, i will share it. IF YOU NEED A BOMB TITLE FOR YOUR BOOK, E-BOOK, ETC. i definitely recommend jumping on this deal! 

Cynthia Whitehead

The Synopsis that I received was more than I expected. I thought, let's see what this is all about but it was perfect. Fast and easy. I received it in less than 24 hours and it is just what my new book needed.


The boutique wholesalers guide was a big help

Janice C. Floyd

Love my journals!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Note From Author B.M. Hardin

What can I say, except that I love everything about writing!

I started my writing career in 2012, and since then, I've managed to write over 30 books! Now I'm helping other authors on their journey! Some of my best-selling titles are: "The Wrong Husband", "Your Pastor My Husband" & "The Good Listener".

Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

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