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Author B.M. Hardin

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Are you struggling to write your book Synopsis or to come up with a catchy tag-line?

This package includes:

  • Tag-Line- We will provide a catchy tagline that compliments your the title of your book AND sparks readers interest!
  • Killer Synopsis- We will Intrigue readers with a one of a kind synopsis! 

Turn Around Time: 1-3 Business Days. No Weekends or Holidays.

Revisions Allowed: 1

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You Can Also Choose, Synopsis or Tag-line separately below!

***Example of a Recent Synopsis Of #1 Best-Seller!**

Title: Secrets of the South 


 Who are you pretending to be?

    Savannah thought that running away from her past would change her life. And for about fifteen years, she was right. Until her happy marriage goes down the drain and she's left with no one but herself to blame. On a quest to become the world's next best-selling author, to find her voice, Savannah makes a difficult choice.

   She has to run—again.

   She quits her job and packs a bag. And then she sets out to find the inspiration that she's never had. Only she finds herself in the one place she never expected to be. Home—in the South; reminded of pain and secrecy. A sin is still a sin, even if no one knows. And a secret is still a secret even if no one told. Bonds are broken, truths are spoken, and no one around her can be trusted.

   Who killed her mother? 

   Who is her father? 

   Who knows the truth about the small-town barber?

   Savannah discovers that 'Southern Charm' is just for show. What really matters in the South are the lies you tell and the secrets you know!