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For Fiction and Non Fiction Note: $3,500 is the Initial Deposit Only!

Are you struggling to write your book? Do you need a best-selling author to do it for you?

Ghostwriting, is a growing service, and for a limited time, I am offering this service, taking on a maximum of 6 clients per year!

We offer different packages. The total prices are:

  • #1 Up to 55,000 WORDS: Total Price: $8500
  • #2 Up to 80,000 WORDS: Total Price: $11,000
  • #3 3 Book Series (at least 60,000 words each book): Total Price: $27500
  • #4 Up to 25,000 Words: Total: $5500
  • #5 Up to 40,000 Words: Total: $7000
  • NEW: ALL-IN-ONE (50k words, editing, book cover, marketing materials, press release written + Distribution, publishing/upload: Total: $15,995

Contract is required and will state the following:

Each package, requires the initial $3500 deposit.

The remaining balance will be split into two payments. One payment is paid, half-way through the completion of the book; before being sent to the customer. And the final payment, the remaining balance, is due before sending the client the final copy of the book. Deposits are only HALF refunded if your order is canceled within the first 20 days, being that your book will be in process from Day 1. If client decides to stop services after 20 days, or after receiving half of the book, DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. 

If decided to cancel service after reading half of the book, client at that point will receive the SECOND PAYMENT back, ONLY in exchange to signing a cancelation form stating that they are canceling the order, that the right's to the half of the book DO NOT belong to them,  and that the will NOT USE it. If client refuses to sign the cancelation form, SECOND PAYMENT will NOT be refunded and the client may do as they please with that half of the book.

If the client chooses to continue after reviewing half of the book, the Final Payment will be due upon completion, and before receipt of the final copy. Contract will state that the book, after receipt of final payment, belongs to the client, and all rights to the book will be given to the client upon completion, and exchange of final payment.

Non-Disclosure on our behalf, will be signed and given to the client, stating that we will NEVER disclose writing, or any partaking in the writing of your book.

There is an option to pay entire balance upfront. Simply let us know after placing your initial order. After placing order, the clock starts, and contract needs to be signed and returned, within 24 hours of placing your order.

Turnaround Time: Varies per package. Typically, it takes 1-4 Months (120 business days only) for up to 65,500 words. Usually, books are completed fairly quickly. 3 Book Series can take up to 10 months; delivering a completed book to the client every few

No Revisions offered. At the receipt of half of the book, requests can be given. At the start of the project, we will request information about the type, and genre of story you are requesting. We will also accept any information at that time about your project that you would like to be included in your store; i.e. names, places, scenes, plot twist, anything that you are certain that you want added.

We request that you limited e-mailing about your project to twice a month for updates. Professional Editing is not included, though grammar fixes and error corrections, as well as proofreading is included in the process.

For more questions, e-mail us at

Check out the about author page, and review books, and reviews.

**Please Note; Slots fill up quickly. If we are unable to take on your project, you will be notified within 24 hours and full refund will be given.**