Author B.M. Hardin


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Is he a Saint...or is he a Sinner?

Maxine thought that she had life all figured out. Despite rough beginnings, she could finally say that above all else...she was happy. Her life changed for the better when she married the respected, adored and handsome Pastor Shelton Cartwright.
To her, her husband was nothing less than least that was what she'd thought.
But soon Maxine is reminded that even Pastors have a Past.
Maxine's life spirals out of control and little by little she discovers that her Pastor of a husband isn't who he appears to be. Soon she discovers that she doesn't have a clue as to who she's really married to.
Was he really a Saint...or was he still a Sinner?
That's the one question that Maxine was dying to know the answer to. But there was more than one missing piece to this puzzle. And when the answers start showing up at Maxine's front door, all hell breaks loose, and things for the Cartwright's will never be the same.
Whats a woman to do when she learns that the one man that she thought was "praying" for her...had all along been "preying" on her?
A full, complete story of lies, deceit...and everything else in between!