Author B.M. Hardin


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f you were paid to keep a secret, would you keep it? Even if it's murder?
Hannah Lewis thought that she could save the world, one patient and therapy session at a time. She was the best psychologist in town and she had never had a single patient that she just couldn't fix. But was she too good at her job for her own good?

When a new patient, the successful and seductive, Mr. Blake Griffin, walks into her office, with a problem unlike any other and a few terrible secrets, Hannah discovers that for the first time, ever, she doesn’t have all of the answers. But determined to get him back on the right track, Hannah becomes completely invested in Mr. Griffin's past, present, and uncertain future. But with a few secrets and problems of her own, suddenly Hannah's life spirals out of control and with everything on the line, she finds herself on the other side of the fence and forced to make a deal with the Devil himself; her handsome, psychotic, and knowingly wicked patient, Mr. Griffin.

But wherever there is smoke, there is always a fire; but when the smoke clears, who will be the rabbit holding the smoking gun?

A page-turning, nail-biting, psychological thriller full of lies, betrayal and suspense, will Hannah be able to save her patient and herself? Or was she doomed to fail from the very beginning?