Once Upon A Crime: A Black Girl Magical Suspense Autographed Copy

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**A Black Girl Magical Suspense...with a Witch!**

How Many Secrets Do You Have?

Epic Gilmore is everything, that every woman wanted to be.
She’s smart, successful, and living her best life: happy, accomplished and free.
But things get shaken up, when her archenemy gets thrown into the mix. He steals the job of her dreams, and as a result, Epic exposes her inner witch.
You see, she carried around this secret, of having powers and such. And for a while, she felt powerful, on top of the world, like she couldn’t be touched.
Until a terrible tragedy happens, and things for Epic, are never the same. And soon, she finds herself knee-deep in secrets, and trouble. And on the wrong end of the cat and mouse game.
Who can she trust?
Who’s on her side?
Who’s just pretending?
And what are they trying to hide?