Author B.M. Hardin


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A broken woman is a dangerous woman....Especially if she's DESPERATE!

When a man tells you that he loves you, do you actually believe him?
Unfortunately, Serenity did and it was the biggest mistake of her life! She fell head over heels in love with charming, attractive , slick-talking Elroy and instead of him giving her the happily-ever after that he'd promised her, he gave her much worse; a broken heart. And now somebody has to pay for the pain that he caused her. But nevertheless, she still loved him and she was determined to make him love her too. Even if she had to take away everything and everybody that he loved to do it.

What would you do if you were Desperate?

Lies, secrets, twists and turns, nothing is ever what it seems and no one is ever who they appear to be. Be careful what you do to someone because you just never know what may send them over the edge or what someone is capable of doing...
Especially if they're DESPERATE!