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Do you need a business idea? Need help making a plan, coming up with the perfect company name, finding vendors, or building a website?

Or do you have an idea, but need just a little help with the process? Or are you looking for the next “million-dollar” idea and hoping I can help you with that?

I can! 

Option 1: Plan My Brand Package - $599 You have the idea! And just need a little direction. Or maybe you have no clue what you want to start, but you want us to help you figure it out! This Service includes:

  • Unique Company Name
  • Catchy Company Tag-Line
  • Available Domain Name Search & Options
  • Company Logo 
  • 1-3 Unique business ideas that can help your business stand out
  • Steps on how to incorporate your business in your State as an LLC & how to obtain EIN
  • 5-10 Quality Vendors and/or Drop-shippers
  • 3 Marketing Tools

Drop-shipping Store Set-Up- $1995 Let us set up your entire e-commerce store for you! This Package is for drop shipping stores only: t-shirts, bags; including handbags, backpacks, mugs, jewelry, household items & accessories, hair bundles & lashes. Here's what's included:

  • Unique Company Name
  • Catchy Company Tag-Line
  • Available Domain Name Search & Options
  • Company Logo
    After these four steps are approved:
  • 7-10 item upload. This can be any of the following: original T-shirts or mugs slogans, bags; including handbags, totes, backpacks and more, jewelry, lingerie, or custom made image designs for a variety of products
  • Build a 3 Page Shopify E-commerce Store/ Website Set-Up This includes: Home Page, Products Page, and About Page. These pages will also include contact information, and refund policy information. You will be required to purchase domain name ($14 with Shopify) 
  • Sync Drop-Ship Items 
  • Website information to incorporate your business
  • Company Press Release Writing PLUS (1) contact for releasing/distributing your press release 
  • All items and/or designs approved by purchaser before sync 
  • 3-5 Marketing Goodies: banners/flyers, memes, etc.

Plan & Provide- $2500

  • This will be a fully planned out business idea from me. Before ordering this package please email to discuss what you’re looking for.


Note: I do currently have vendors and/or drop shipping companies for the following:

  1. Clothing: Kids, Women, Men, & Plus Size
  2. Lingerie, Swimwear, Bra & Panties, other Intimates
  3. Waist Trainers
  4. Jewelry
  5. Shoes
  6. Backpacks
  7. Bags, Purses, Duffel Bags, Totes
  8. Stationary: Journals, Pens and more
  9. Candles 
  10. Hair Bundles, Lashes