Author Workbook: Includes Worksheets

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Do you want to write a book? Need help planning out your story? Not sure where to start? Want to know how I’ve written numerous of best-sellers? (Swipe photos)

This Author Workbook is the answer! 

A Print-Ready Download (Digital Download) that is e-mailed directly to you, to print out and start using immediately! You can use it after over and over again! Please use valid e-mail during checkout!

The workbook will walk you through the process of writing a book, with Step by Step Guides and Worksheets, you'll be able to map out your thoughts and story, easily, simplifying the book writing process.

This Workbook Includes: 

  • Character Building Worksheets
  • Weekly Writing Goals & Schedule Worksheets
  • How to Write A Book in Just 4 Weeks!
  • Chapter Outline Worksheets
  • Plot Building Tools
  • Writing and Book Publishing Tools

This workbook was created with you in mind! By me, best-selling Author B.M. Hardin. With over 30+ written books, tons of ghostwriting projects, 1,000's of book reviews and large stream of revenue, solely from my books, this packet shows the exact steps I use when writing. Hopefully this workbook makes the process simpler, easier and enjoyable for you!