Author Workbook: Includes Worksheets

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Do you want to write a book? Need help planning out your story?

Not sure where to start? Or just tired of scribbling your thoughts all over a notebook? Want to know how I’ve written numerous of best-sellers? (Swipe photos)

This Author Workbook is the answer! 

A Print-Ready Download that is e-mailed directly to you, to print out and start using immediately! You can use it time after time, book after book, over and over again!

The workbook will walk you through the process of writing a book, with Step by Step Guides and Worksheets, you'll be able to map out your thoughts and story, easily, simplifying the book writing process.

This Workbook Includes: 

  • Character Building Worksheets
  • Weekly Writing Goals & Schedule Worksheets
  • How to Write A Book in Just 4 Weeks!
  • Chapter Outline Worksheets
  • Plot Building Tools
  • Writing and Book Publishing Tools

This workbook was created with you in mind! By me, best-selling Author B.M. Hardin. With over 30+ written books, tons of ghostwriting projects, 1,000's of book reviews and large stream of revenue, solely from my books, this packet shows the exact steps I use when writing. Hopefully this workbook makes the process simpler, easier and enjoyable for you!