**ADD-ON** T-shirt Slogans/Phrases Design Package

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**ADD-ON** Please Only Purchase this package if you have been referred to this link from me to have your slogans designed! 

What's Included:

  • Word Design Phrases/Slogans. The design could include accents: splashes, crowns, other small accents, but will be at least 90% Words. No images 
  • 100% Confidential 

Turnaround Time: 3-5 Business Days

Revisions: 1

Experience: Best-Selling Author of 30+ Books, known for helping other authors come up with best-selling book titles, and tag-lines, and previously had a t-shirt line, with popular slogans. Feel free to e-mail with questions by pressing the red contact button. Current #1 Bestselling Novel is “Give Him Back” 

**Disclaimer: Be mindful that getting the phrases trademarked and/or under a copyright is solely the clients responsibility, and we can’t guarantee or control the final decisions or outcome. A light search is performed, but it is the clients 100% responsibility to perform their own trademark/copyright search, to ensure the use of the slogans/phrases, before use, since trademarks and copyrights can be filed weekly/daily. An information sheet will be provided to assist.**