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This service is to help promote your product, business or book, using catchy scenarios and words to pull buyers in.


Sooooo.... In 2019. A woman is set on fire at her bachelorette party, but no one saw who did it. Now the police thinks it’s just an accident but something ain’t right. Some things ain’t adding up. So, then the dead woman’s sister start noticing some stuff, okay! Like everybody that was at the bachelorette party that night is lying so she starts to think....Man what If someone I know, someone close to me, someone i love...what if they killed my sister? I mean, what if...what if she’s right?

okay! okay! This is just a summary of my new best-selling book titled: “Everybody Lies” by BM Hardin. Yes! it’s on amazon! Download on Kindle it get a Paperback! Don’t forget to review!

It pulled you in, right? Fun, entertains way to do a Book Promo! 

Service Includes:

  • 1 Catchy Scenario or Blurb to promote your book/product/business 
  • Turnaround Time: 24-48 Hours 
  • After Purchasing, e-mail will be sent to collect needed information to get started!