Premade Book Outline (Includes Synopsis & 3 Title Suggestions)

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Could this be your next or first bestseller?

This package comes with the following:

  • One complete, 100% original Book Outline of an unwritten book.
  • This outline is 11 Chapters 
  • The story is outlined chapter by chapter and can be changed, modified and adjusted by purchaser. All Character Names, locations, title, plot twists, any/all can be changed.
  • A Complete Book Synopsis
  • 3 Book Title Suggestions, in order of which fits the story best.
  • Questions/Answer session with Author/Creator if needed. 
  • Once sold, the book outline, synopsis and storyline belongs 100% to the purchaser. Rights are transferred to the purchaser, from the creator, and all sales are 100% confidential. **NDA included***

How it works:

  • Request to review the Sample. A NDA, and Non-Compete will be signed BEFORE you can view the sample. Contracts will state that you will not copy, repurpose, or create a similar storyline to the outline you review.
  • You will then receive (1) Book Title Suggestions, (2) Synopsis and (3) The first FIVE (5) outline chapters. This will give you an idea of the storyline, introduction to the characters and the climax of the story.
  • If you love the outline, you can contact me to purchase!
    Only (1) buyer can purchase the book outline and all the contents.
  • First Come. First Served. Once purchased, the product will show as sold out. 
  • The outline, synopsis and title suggestions are automatically e-mailed to buyer, immediately after purchasing from SEND OWL. If you don't see it right after purchase, please check your spam folder. If you still don't see it, contact me.
  • This outline WILL NOT be reused or repurposed. Creator's copyright of product will be released immediately after purchase, and all rights and copyrights, are transferred to the purchaser at that time. Contract/NDA required after purchasing.
  • If you have additional questions, email at

Book Outline Option #5

  • Genre: African American Drama/Suspense
  • 3 Title Options: Only Disclosed to Buyer (Protection Protocol)
  • Synopsis Snippet: What happens when a plan is just too easy to do? What happens when the execution is too good to be true? Sometimes a mistress takes the hand she’s dealt. And then, sometimes she does something dangerous, especially if she has “her” help. 

  • Are there twists in the plot? Yes
  • Story can be written in 1st or 3rd Person
  • 11 Chapters. Full-length book or chapters can be broken up and made into a 2 Book Series.
  • To request a review of outline, email at By requesting a sample to be emailed, you are agreeing NOT to use, share or repurpose the sample of the storyline, unless you decide to purchase.***
  • Creator/Author is known for twists and turns. View most recent book release for idea of creator's style Book Title: "Everybody Lies" B.M. Hardin
  • If you have additional questions, e-mail at
  • About the Author: Author BM Hardin is a best-selling author of 40 books. Her series "Give Him Back" landed her a feature in Entertainment Weekly & Popsugar Magazine. As well as other publications. 

© Author B.M. Hardin of 2019


Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner.

(Translation: Please don't try to copy without purchasing. Legal Action will be taken.)

Because this information is sensitive, too much can't be revealed, but you can contact me with additional questions before purchasing. And because of this type of information, there is Only a 24-hour refund time allowed and before refund is issued, purchaser will be REQUIRED to sign legal documentation stating that they will not release anything similar to the storyline, repurpose the storyline, copy or sell the storyline. If so, legal action will be taken. The document has already been prepared by attorney. If purchaser refuses to sign the contract, agreeing to the terms, no refund will be given.

**Creator can NOT guarantee sales! Creator can NOT assure best-selling status. Creator can NOT guarantee the same level of success! With any book, the story must have an effective marketing strategy. Thank you! ***